Monday, August 24, 2009

Belgian Chocolate Champorado

After enduring the sweltering heat at Bonifacio High Street yesterday, my sister Eileen and I rewarded ourselves with some ice-cold treats at the STOCK MARKET, which boasts of a well-stocked ice cream and yogurt bar plus a wide variety of scrumptious toppings. While Eileen ordered a helping of frozen yogurt with kiwi slices, preserved blueberries and almond slivers, I chose a more curious concoction: Belgian Chocolate Champorado.

A skeptic at first, I was delighted by what eventually greeted me: a steaming heap of short-grain rice flavored with deep, dark chocolate and topped with a scoop of luscious raspberry ice cream. My sister was quick to point out: it's much like a rich, moist fudge brownie a la mode. And right she was. Except the pudding had a much more interesting texture than any brownie can--suck on a spoonful and you'll know what I mean. Plus the contrast between the hot sticky rice and the frozen cream was a welcome sensation.

I would go back for a seconds. Even if a serving costs a hefty P195.


  1. Oh God, I've been away for so long that the inflation that's occured since I left still leaves me aghast at prices. P195 was the cost of imported pants at the time.

    Yes, I'm really old.

  2. Hahaha with that amount, you can now purchase a pocket. Or a belt loop...