Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oktoberfest ice cream

I have always been known to order dessert--some pie, pudding, even ice cream--with my beer, much to the astonishment of my drinking buddies. So I was not offended by the puzzled looks I received from passersby when I dropped by the Elfav Ice Creamery at Robinsons Galleria to treat myself to a cup of beer ice cream.

Ok, even I had my suspicions. But the idea isn't too difficult to imagine, really. Looking much like regular vanilla ice cream, the dessert releases the aroma of a freshly popped bottle of pale ale coupled with day old bread. Off-putting, I know, but I guess that's just how brewer's yeast smells like, too. And the taste? Just like dipping sour dough in a a deep puddle of cold condensed milk. Quite good, actually, though I'm not a fan of the crushed peanuts that top every scoop (the concoction doesn't need the bar nuts to stay true to the flavor). But most disarming is realizing that after a pint of the flavored ice, one gets a most faint buzz. After all, it's got 3% alc. vol.

Would I have a another serving (even after the Oktoberfest hoopla)? Why not? Ice cream and beer are impulse products for me, and my hyperactive impulses are certain to be triggered again sometime. Sure, I would probably prefer to store a tub of chocolate or strawberry in my freezer--not beer ice cream. But I wouldn't mind indulging in the flavor again when I need a unique lift after a hard day, or when serving it to guests at a party I want everyone talking about.

Meanwhile, I am mustering the strength to sample Elfav's wasabi, amapalaya, and kalabasa flavors.

Elfav is also available at the 2nd Floor, Pergola Mall, BF Homes Commercial Center, Paranaque City.